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High Achievers Grabs 2011 Top Quality Brand Awards 


2011  TBA awarding Ceremony  June 18,2011

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Congratulations!  to all our High Achievers batch 2011 for Passing UP,ATENEO,DLSU ,UST 

List of Students who passed  UP,ATENEO,DLSU,UST

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2014 Free! HA ELF Online Diagnostic Test  

College Entrance Test Review 

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H.S. Entrance Test Review 

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Welcome! to High Achievers Tutorial & Review Center


2014 College Entrance Test Review Program 
•  UP    •  ATENEO     •  DLSU     •  UST     •  UA&P    •  SAN BEDA    •   MAPUA 

Good news!!!! Junior Science HS students! Avail our April 11-28 batch schedule and pay only P5,200 (P2,800 savings).

Note: you must be Incoming senior SY. 2014-2015 from Public Science HS or DOST science HS. First come first serve basis. Pls submit a photocopy of your school ID or regstration form. Limited slots only. Applicable for batch3 April 11-28.

Batch Schedule: as of April 5,2014 (5:00 PM) 

Batch 1:      (fullybooked)   
Batch 2:      (fullybooked)    

Batch 3:      (fullybooked)  

Batch 3B:   April 11 - April 28           M,W,F,S: 8-5PM & (1)Tue 1-5PM      (3slots to go)

Batch 4:      April 22 - May 10           Tue, Thu with (1)Sunday & (1)SAT   (5slots to go)
Batch 5:      (fullybooked) 
Batch 6:      April 30 - May 14           M,W,F,SUN 8-5PM                            (4slots to go)

Batch 7:      (fullybooked) 

Batch 8:      May 10  - May 26           M,W,F,Sat 8-5PM                               (4 slots to go)

Batch 9:      May 11  - May 29           T,Th,Sun 8-5PM

Batch 10:     TBA  


Kamias Complete Package Review includes: 

        • 19 review sessions equivalent to 76 hours.  + 15 hours HA Online reviewers  

         • INCLUDED:  Career Orientation, Test taking tips, Test assistance,  Personality Test

                        Diagnostic Test, Advance Physics & Advance Math (4th year subjects).

• Review  materials and modules are included.

• Experience our ELF System (Electronic Learning Facility)

• With Grand Review Program (Final Coaching 8hrs. Refresher review 1 week before UPCAT Exam)

              •  Fully Air-conditioned rooms  

             • 15 Students per batch 

             First come First serve basis

             Friendly lecturers and staffs

 All Instructors are UP Graduates


visit our facebook:

OFFICEHOURS:         MONDAY to FRIDAY:   10 AM     -  6:30 PM 
                                               SATURDAY:     8:00AM -  5:00 PM

 For info. call us 426-3496 / 348-9724

VENUE:  #38-F Kamias Road Quezon City,1102 


Disclaimer:High Achievers Review Program does not ensure the success of passing the entrance examination of the reviewee but provide

them necessary tools and materials to prepare the reviewee in handling their College Entrance test.


****Schedule and list of lecturers may be changed without prior notice.







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High Achievers UPCAT – ACET College Entrance Test Review Program for UP, ATENEO, LA SALLE, UST, MAPUA, SAN BEDA, UA&P.. Also includes Review materials, review modules with Career orientation and Simulation Test +  Grand Review Program(final coaching).

Official Review Center of San Beda College since 2002 for  UPCAT – ACET College Entrance Test Review Program for UP, ATENEO, LA SALLE, UST, MAPUA, SAN BEDA, UA&P. Also includes Review materials, review modules with Career orientation and Simulation Tests + Grand Review Program. 

Philippine Educational Placement Test / Alternative Learning System. Review Program offers an opportunity for individuals who were unable to obtain an elementary or high school diploma, to get a DepEd certificate equivalent to that. The equivalency certificate can then be used as a passport either to high school, or to a college education.

 Comprehensive Refresher review & Up-to-date Simulated UPCAT, ATENEO,DLSU and UST. The Refresher review  covers  Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and for  Math Algebra, Geometry,Advanced Algebra,Log., Trigonometry and many more.  One day refresher review includes review modules with Food and drinks. Join now! 

Philippine Science / High School Entrance Test Review Program for  Phil. Science  H.S., Q.C. Science, Manila Science, ATENEO, LA SALLE,   CLARET, MIRIAM, XAVIER. High School Entrance test includes Diagnostic test, abstract reasoning and advance lessons for Math and Science. 

Summer Enrichment Program for Grade School, High School and Incoming College Freshman students. Special Programs for Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry,Adv. Algebra,  Trigonometry, Calculus, Analytic Geometry, Solid Geometry,etc.)   Science (Earth Science, Biology,Chemistry & Physics) and English Proficiency Program (Reading, Language & Speech)